New Vision for Psychotherapy?

Even though many of us do not practice clinical psychology or psycho therapy this is a fascinating read. It was recently on the Florida Psychology Association (which I am a member)
Although many psychologists might quibble about some problems in living not being solely reducible to biology, despite the prevalence of the medical model under the sway of “BigPharm” and “Mangled Care,” few psychologists these days would quibble with psychoses being seen as predominantly biological.? Essentially in the US, psychologists have relinquished this whole area of practice to psychiatry.? Yet many of our colleagues across the “puddle” see it otherwise — see ? and the report from the British Psychological Society at From this vantage, even the weird experiences and behaviors of psychoses can be amenable to effective psychological treatment–and not just relegated to so-called “medication management,” which is the position I have long held.
As hypnotist and NLPers this is welcome news as we know we can effect change with the magic of the words and by passing the critical factors and changing the subconscious. We also know that the mind can, and does shift the biology. This could bode well for us as we move forward.