Understanding The Benefits Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Dr. Will Horton

Neuro-linguistic programming is a perfect way of altering someone’s thought process and behavioral pattern that can help people in overcoming their anxiety, stress and phobias. This can also help people in improving their quality of life. NLP has been treating people since the year 1970 and helping them reach a state of happiness, excellence and peace of mind.

What is NLP?

NLP is also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It can be broadly explained in the following manner:

a) The word Neuro represents all our memories and experiences which we can perceive that can be sensed through taste, touch, smell, sight and sound.

b) The word Linguistics represents a collection of all our experiences through verbal and non-verbal communications which are associated with the way we imbibe and feel several emotions.

c) The word Programming stands for the way we control our emotions and with the help of the NLP technique we can be more efficient in managing our emotions.

NLP technique can be used in the 4 most common ways that are discussed below:

1) Inculcate the art of having clear and effective communication.

2) To look for ways in which you can have personal growth and enhance your personality in a better manner.

3) To develop a drive for learning and experiencing new emotions and feelings.

4) To look for a better quality of life without stress, anxiety and any sort of phobias.

NLP is about changing your perception of life and finding sustainable and progressive solutions for your problems. It helps you to accept and appreciate the life you have and adapt to solutions that can help you achieve a better life in the future.

NLP and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapies have a positive impact and transcend people to a more relaxed and calm state of mind. Most people do not convey their pain, anxieties and subconsciously hidden away obstacles. Hypnotherapists interact with clients and explain patterns of positive personality development. Numerous hypnotherapists practice NLP techniques to understand and communicate more effectively with their clients. Practitioners knowing NLP can understand the complexities of emotions and feelings in a better manner as compared to other professional people.  They build a deeper and effective communication with clients to establish and analyze different strategies and techniques to form a better understanding, motivation and learning curve in the journey of a person’s growth and development process.

What Are The Benefits Of NLP?

NLP is defined by many professional practitioners and people as an efficient and effective “toolkit for the mind.” NLP has multiple effects on improving the quality of life. Some of the major effects are highlighted and mentioned below:

1) Anxiety

2) Stress

3) Relationship Problems

4) Low Confidence

5) Improving Health and Well-Being

NLP helps in exploring the future possibilities of an individual that can help in exploring your past emotional baggage. NLP technique also encourages individuals to analyze their issues in a better light with trusted guidance.

How Can You Benefit From Different NLP Techniques?

NLP techniques can be used by people to improve their quality of life and help them to understand their shortcomings. Some of these effective techniques are discussed below.

1) Dissociation

You need to dig deep and identify emotions that affect your personality and emotional stability. Those emotions can be triggered by any related incident or trauma. Emotions like anger, discomfort, fear and sorrow are the ones from whom you need to dissociate yourself for positive growth and have a brighter future.

2) Reframing

Reframing your words and thoughts plays a very important role in affecting your mood. It is a well-known fact that negative thoughts breed negativity in your mind as well as negatively impacting your lifestyle. Instead of cribbing and criticizing changes in situations, one should always inculcate the feeling of gratitude and content. If you are faced with such situations where you are feeling dejected and disheartened then, make sure to turn the framing of your thoughts. By applying such positive changes you will notice a big difference in your personality. This technique is widely suggested and used by people who are practising NLP.

3) Anchoring Yourself

Anchoring exercise helps you to think of an emotion and believing in the power of that feeling. Like if you are appearing for a critical interview and you think about all the positive things you can do in that interview. You will enter the room feeling more charged up and confident. Emotions like happiness and calmness are positive affirmations that you need to feel before facing any difficult situation. Close your eyes think about these emotions and feel them by sending a stimulus to your brain telling it to focus and anchor to only these positive emotions.


This technique involves manipulating and twisting your emotions with hopeful and positive affirmations. Priming is effectively used in the advertising industry where major advertising companies aim to strike an emotional chord with people.


Swish is a very powerful tool for reprogramming your mind to keep away from any unwanted and harmful behaviour. If you are thinking about a hurtful experience then you should train your mind to swish those feelings with positive images and incidents.

Building Rapport

It is the foundation of building a clear and comfortable relationship. It is mainly helpful for people who are interacting with clients on an everyday basis. For example, whenever you plan to meet a client you understand their personality, likes and dislikes. This is effective in building a healthy rapport with the client. Some of the techniques that can help you in building a good rapport with the client are:

1) Using the similar tone and keywords

2) Reframing sentences as per the client’s understanding

3) Develop a similar posture as your client

NLP is a well-known technique used for the development of a positive and progressive quality of life. It has various tools helping you in understanding several hidden issues, overcoming negative thoughts and emotions. We hope that this article helps you in understanding the benefits and importance of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Metadata: Get a better understanding of your emotions and thoughts with NLP tools and techniques. Read the article to find out the benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.