How Motivation Leads To Failure and Sabotage?

Dr. Will Horton

Do you face failure frequently? Are you motivated enough for the task that you set your heart on? Failure is inevitable for people; you cannot run away from it but can learn to overcome it by analyzing the steps you took which led to this situation. Failure is essential for your growth, development and it helps you explore new opportunities. Is it possible that your motivation can be a reason for your failure? We have heard our entire life that motivation can lead to success. It is essential for our growth into a brighter future. Then how motivation can lead to failure and self-sabotage? Let us find out in this article?

Why Motivation Leads To Sabotage?

We all have to make decisions at every point in our lives. We need to analyze the situation and consider every aspect for a correct decision. But sometimes we all make bad decisions that might seem to be the right in the first place eventually, but then you realize they are not. You have been motivated in the wrong direction. Motivation should be treated as a jump start tool like an espresso shot of coffee in the morning that eventually fades with time. An example that showcases this in a better light is when you make New Year resolutions like getting in shape or joining a gym. You are super pumped up and motivated to join a gym. You buy a yearly membership, new gym gear and even additional fitness accessories. But as soon as you reach the second week, you realize that you need the motivation to get out of bed and go to the gym. If you require motivation, then you have already failed because your motivation fades away with time. You might face this at every step of your life, like deciding to read a book and cannot finish it, or you think of starting up a business with a great idea but are facing failures. Being motivated in the wrong direction can lead you astray from your desired path. You end up failing, which can lead to self-sabotage. Has it ever occurred to you that what can be the reason for your motivation fading away with time?

Reasons for not feeling motivated in the right direction:

Choosing A Wrong Target

It is more common than you think like when you join a gym, start a business or even decide to read a book. If all these things have come to your mind by getting influenced by someone else’s hard work. You have made up your mind to go with these activities, as you are influenced by the results and have not thought about it. Then your motivation will surely vanish in some time leaving you stranded and confused about the decisions, you thought might yield positive results.

Comparing Your Progress With Others

You might start a thing with zeal and enthusiasm but face failure when you compare yourself with others. Leading to the feeling of frustration and demotivation. As your decision was influenced by the result so you start to compare your journey in a similar context. Ignoring all the years of hard work, dedication and patience that might have led to that result. You cannot compare your start with your target’s current state. Then you reach a dead end and are faced with the “Why Try?” wall and feel hopeless. At the “why try?” wall stage you feel dejected and all drained out of motivation. The only thing at this point you need is discipline.

What is The Real Work Of Motivation?


You need to understand your mindset for choosing that target. Why are you choosing this activity? What are you expecting out from it? How much time are you willing to invest in that activity? All these thoughts should cross your mind when you are making up your mind.


If you want to achieve your end goal, then having a drive is essential. To make it to the last. You also need to understand that people who reach their end goals have a firm drive that is fueled by discipline and hard work.

Do You Love What You Are Doing?

If you have taken a decision under influence and are not feeling motivated, then it might happen that you are not in love with the activity that you are currently doing. If you do not like what you do then it seems nothing but a burden of all sorts and you are demotivated within no time. Doing things when you don’t feel like doing, adds extra pressure and you are left stranded in the middle.

Develop Habits And Not Routines

You might have come across many motivational videos that guide you to include a particular routine in your daily activity and claim that particular routine is used by numerous successful people. But a routine cannot guarantee you success unless you make it a habit and an inevitable part of your everyday life.

What Is The Proper Use Of Motivation?

Finding A Perfect Role Model

In today’s time and age when people want fast results, they are not able to commit to a long time process. You need to find a model that has attainable goals and where you can also be a part of their journey. This will help you to understand the drive and hard work behind the scenes and will make you aware of a clear picture.

Inculcate Discipline

Nothing can be achieved in the long run if you do not have discipline. It helps you stay on the right path and encourages you to be consistent in your journey towards reaching your goals. You should also take lessons from your model and be a witness to their journey and admire the discipline behind their transformation and learn from their success and failure.

Motivation can be an asset if used in the right direction and paired with accurate tools. However, if you do not have the drive and you find yourself making excuses for the decision you took to achieve a set goal. In this situation, motivation is short-lived and can turn into failure and you can end up sabotaging yourself.

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