Higher Self Exercise

Accessing Higher Wisdom Technique By Catherine Warner – 2012
I got the idea for this after watching the escalator technique on the video. I put my students in a light trance state with a drum.
I had them close their eyes (they were laying on the floor in various positions) feel completely relaxed, warm, supported, etc.
Now I want you to imagine that you are floating upwards, up out of the house. You can see the roof of the house and the tops of the trees around us. Up higher and you can feel a light mist on your face and it feels nice. Your body is so relaxed and comfortable, and your mind is out here in the sky, you might hear some night birds, and you keep rising higher and higher.
As you continue to rise you notice there are stars around you and it’s very beautiful. You feel awed by this closet relationship to the heavens. And as you look around at the bright stars, you feel a powerful energy moving through you, it is like the whole universe is surrounding you with love and wisdom. As you take a deep breath, you realize that all the answers you could ever need are right here in this beautiful starlight, and you can access this energy any time you are confused or in doubt.
Take a moment to breathe deeply and fill yourself with this new and wonderful energy. Now lets bring this energy down into your body, and know that you now have all the answers you are looking for. Down now, you see the tops of the trees ad feel a fine cool mist on your face. Down through the roof, and feel your body. Feel your feet, and your hands, and when you’re ready open your eyes.