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I said to you I was going to talk about some of the current research into NLP and subconscious communication.? As many of you know, I do not like to teach anything I have not done and worked with myself, I have little use for theory, or things that work in a classroom, or seminar room, but do not translate into real world, hands on, easy to apply techniques and information. So I will give you the info and then an example. Find the examples.

The Six Top Rules for getting people to take action, how to motivate them subconsciously.

1.? Authority. The first thing to get others to want to follow you is to prove you?re an authority in the area you are talking about. This is especially important if they, the audience does not know you. ?Articles, books, awards, education all build authority and add credibility. At one time (and still somewhat) the internet blurred who was a true authority. Just stating it on a site seemed to work, and still does to an extent, but the public is ?getting wise? to the instant experts.

So are you an authority at what you are asking them to do?? Do you have the credibility needed?

2. Social Proof. Are others doing what you what you are asking them to do, can you use this as evidence of social proof, and also your authority status? Testimonials work for this. As you know in my 30 years doing this I have taught thousands how to use NLP and Hypnosis.

3. Reciprocity. We give back (money, time) to those that give us something. Think of the Free return mailing labels you get from charities, how many times do you send them money? Isn?t his type of information, that I am giving you freely, useful?

4. Consistency. People like others to be consistent, and they want to be consistent with what they say and do. If you can get them start an action, they will want to follow their action.

5. Scarcity. What you have has to be hard to get, scarce, and not for everyone. This also build pressure to not miss out. As you know my types of trainings are not for everyone, only those that have the courage to really take action.

6. Likeability. We want to do business (relationships) long term with people we like. If you want long term ongoing relationships, you need to be likeable to that group of people.

I know that you, like me, can use the above in your daily lives, but only you can convince yourself , that you, like the thousands I have worked with deserve to join the elite in our field.

Five Top Words that help people respond favorably.

1. You. People want the info about them, how can it help them, is it for them. If you start to say I replace it with YOU, turn it about them, their wants, needs, desires.

2. Because. People want some type of reason to take your suggestions, if you say because and then state why, compliance goes up greatly.

3. Instantly. Let?s face it we want it now, and our society is moving faster all the time. The quicker you can get them the result, the better.

4. New. In our current information age, we want the newest stuff and information. Also It changes quickly, so we want the most recent, or at least a newer version.

5. Free. We all want something free. Free bonus, free upgrades, It also adds to the because and ties into reciprocity factor.

Enjoy and use this information.

As many of you know I am offering a new Webinar.

Fat Loss for The Helping Professional.

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Until next Time, Gods Speed to you.

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