Great Performance Tips

The new online High Performance NLP course is going well, and in doing course I came across this information that you may find helpful in general, use this:

How do top performers become the greatest?
1. They build a strong and secure image of themselves as a great
2. They generate motivation primarily from their love of what they do and the joy of it.
3. They practice or rehearse to the max in order to perform to the max.
4. They complement their physical training with mental training..
5. They emphasize what they are going to do rather than worrying about their others.
6. They know where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there.
7. They focus squarely on the purpose at hand rather than about the end result..
8. They surround themselves with people who?re better than they are.
9. They do EVERYTHING they need to do to be the best they can be.
10. They constantly seek out new information and develop a broad knowledge base. They know there is no quick fix to excellence.

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