Why Friends & Family Saboatge

When I was teaching the Trainers course I was reminded of the why structure of why friends and family seem to sabotage personal growth.
As NLPers we do not look at the conscious reasons “WHY” but the subconscious structure of how they do this. Especially if they are consciously unaware of the actions they are doing (and the damage)
When I first dove into this I looked at other places where this happens not just personal growth like ?becoming a Hypnotist or becoming Spiritual. What jumped out to me was when someone goes into treatment for substance abuse. People expect support and love and many times get push back and grief.
How many of us got some negative input when we started studying NLP & Hypnosis?
What is the structure of this negative energy to positive change?
When you attempt to change your identity and break away from the staus quo, you threaten (subconsciously) all those around you. If they hate or dislike parts of their lives and you have the courage to step up and change they percieve it as a threat to THEIR SELF IMAGE, and Their FALSE beleife they cannot change.
You have challenged the status quo of that group (or family) There senses ?perceive it as an existential threat (as our friend Capt. Billy would say)
You are proof they could change, and proof they do not have the spiritual courage to change.
Your positive change is a true threat to their identity and as Virginia Satir showed us when one part of a system changes the system must change.
When I train in martial arts (and compete and fight) and act in plays and films ?i get some negative feedback from other NLP & Hypnosis trainers as I am using our skills to live a life I CHOOSE.
When you change and grow in our field you will receive some negative vibes from friends and family, take it as feedback and pray for them to find the courage to change their lives and you stay on your path and lead the way.
I hope to see you on the road to happy destiny.
Gods Speed till next time.
The pix is me getting thrown at the black belt ceremony, yea! I know many studnets and clients have wanted to throw me to the ground.