Firewalk Into fear

We just completed a Basic and Master NLP with Miami Hypnosis where we did a Fire Walk, Glass Walk, Arrow Break (Neck), Free Fall, and Bend a Steel Rebar?(with neck) it was fun, look for pictures in the future. It was interesting as the firewalk I have done but the free fall off the ladder was a challenge for me (trust issues) and the bending the steel rebar with my throat was way cool, even though as I was doing it I keep thinking “Wow four years of voice lessons and I am breaking arrow and bend steel with my throat”.
Naturally it was a joy to watch the students face their fears and step into the problems and through them.
To me the real breakthrough with Firewalks, glass walks, and even the arrow and steel is YOU HAVE TO STEP INTO WHAT YOU FEAR TO DEFEAT IT, so stepping into the red hot coals, leaning into the arrow or steel, is the only way .
So what fears do you need to step into? What are you hesitating to do? I recently after a several year sabbatical I am actively coaching and mentoring, HOWEVER I do not mentor anyone till we at least do a short coaching program, that is to make sure you can work with me, and that I can REALLY HELP YOU.
Now I am off to and NGH NLP Trainers course so till next time
Gods Speed & step into your fears.