Failure is an Option

I have had the pleasure of recently doing a Basic NLP in Miami and attending the IACT conference with several more trainings coming up, so new people ask how I have attained this, get to train internationally and so forth. Great question and it caused me step back and think as I have “stepped back’ some from traveling like I used to, but still get to do this.
First of all I know and truly believe I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams and for that I am truly humbled and grateful, so an attitude of gratitude is a part of it. ?I appreciate it and thank my higher power and guides for the help.
I also know that Stick to it has to be in your mind, keep going and know that setbacks or failures will happen. especially when your developing new things. Does every idea or product work? Do all the trainings go off as planned or even go off? NO. NO NO and THATS OK, but you keep going. I went to a conference years ago that I thought went horrible, low turn out for my talks, low sales at my booth, but as we say in show biz the show has to go on, so I “Rangered Up’ and completed the mission. Anyway from that event I meet someone who set up a training in India, which lead to a 12 year ongoing business, and also to 2 other great relationships that lead to more business.
Sort term failure, long term success, or as my dad would say, don’t step over dollars to save a dime.
So keep going, network, go to trainings and conferences.
It is no coincidence that the people you see at conferences and trainings are the ones you see doing trainings, you can’t network from your house! People do business more when they meet!
I hope to see you in the future!
Gods Speed