Dr. William Horton Wins Top Award


Deerfield Beach, Florida, 2016, The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and The International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) recently recognized Dr. William Horton with the Pen and Quill award at their annual Hypno Expo in Daytona Beach Florida in May of 2016, at their annual conference.

Dr. William Horton was recognized for his new ground-breaking book, ?The Alcohol and Addiction Solution? and designing the world?s first Addiction Treatment protocol using Hypnosis and NLP at its core. Dr. Horton is considered the world most effective NLP and Hypnosis trainer and the leading expert in treating addictions with new cutting edge technologies. He has developed Neuro Restructuring Techniques to speed addiction recovery as never before. He is also the key-note speaker at the National Guild of Hypnotists Conference. To be held in Massachusetts in August of 2016.

Dr. Horton has won more awards in the field of Hypnosis than anyone and has won the Educator of the Year and the President?s award from IACT & IMDHA. He is a lifetime member of both organizations and has been in the field of Hypnosis/NLP and addiction for 30+ years. He has also won major awards from other organizations.

Dr. William Horton is a licensed psychologist, certified addiction counselor, and is the Creative Program Director for the LiveFree Online Addiction Recovery Program, which is the world?s first addiction treatment program that uses Neuro Restructuring Techniques, which use NLP and Hypnosis at its core to help clients overcome addictions from the inside out and they can do it from the comfort of their own home, so they can get better where they live.

Dr. Horton has worked and ran both in-patient and out-patient addiction recovery program and states: ?It is time we update addiction treatment, as the system has not really changed in 50 years. It is time to bring addiction treatment into the 21st century and treat people in ways that are effective.?
Dr. Horton is available for interviews about his new book and the exciting new LiveFree program.