New Class

I have been asked for a couple of years to do a class on Sexual?Dysfunction and Erotic Hypnosis and after much research I have decided to launch this course this fall. Every Hypnotist should have a working?knowledge?of these subjects if they want to seen as professionals and taken seriously by the public. We were talking about this subject at a conference and a couple of (guys) had to pipe in, “hey no trouble for me there in that department and a female added in it was not proper”
Well I hope you expect expect your General or family Medical doctor to?understand heart issues even though they may not treat them.
How could you even consider yourself a professional if you can’t or won’t learn about a subject that effects EVERYONE.
If you do weight loss or addictions YOU MUST KNOW THIS SUBJECT! People may put on weight for fear of sex/intimacy or if they have??something they have guilt or shame about.
Sex if a major cause of divorce, so if you want to truly help people this class is a must.
2 days Day 1 Sexual?Dysfunction
Day 2 Erotic Hypnosis Expanding Sensuality/sexuality with the mind.
September 2014
Venice Florida
Miami Florida
Fee $395
I will screen every applicant as this is only for professionals?hypnotists/