For Christina Horton

Due to everything that has happened in our lives recently, we decided to dedicate this ezine to my wife Christina’s family?(and many of your loved ones).? Hang in there, holidays are tough…especially when the loss is so recent. The articles below were shared with me by Billy Shilling, NFNLP’s Senior Research Scientist, who is also a Research Fellow at the Smithsonian Institute. This is a remarkable finding! Finally it is getting the attention it deserves!!

Genetic Rizk for Alzheimer’s Ignored for Decades


Share with me in a prayer that was recently given to me…as many of you know, I lost my father in March and almost immediately after began a struggle with the “loss” of my mother to Alzheimer’s.?? After 3 hospital stays and now a final placement in a facility’s “Memory Unit” this is a difficult holiday.? My father had been a proud veteran of the United States Air Force and Will Horton’s father had been in the United States Navy, as his daughter had. Our Independence Day was very important to them.? This is a VERY DIFFICULT day for our family. ?But this prayer was given to me and since this horrific thing has happened to my mother and since I have found so many of you have gone through this loss I wanted to share it with you.? Christina Horton

Alzheimer’s Prayer by Frena Gray Davidson, Author of Alzheimers 911

Dear Lord, they say I’m ill and that’s why I can’t remember. Help me always to feel I’m always held safe in your heart. I just want people to be kind. I want to belong somewhere safe. I want to be treated with respect. I want slowness and time for everything. I want people to look me in the eye Sitting right next to me An arm round my shoulder As if they care about me. I hope you can help me find the love I need. I you can’t send my mother or father to me, Please send someone just like them, Someone who will love me exactly as I am. Because you know, Lord, I would remember if I could. I would do things right if I could just remember how. I would be that person that once I was. I would, but now I can’t. Please walk with me all the way so I can find my way home at last. Robert D. Reed Publishers, P.O. Box 1992, Bandon, OR? 97411 and