Behavior Change Matrix

During the conference I tested my unofficial theory of the Behavior
Change Matrix. Those of us who work with people on any type of
change always want more on this topic. What are the drivers that
get people to REALLY change? This is also true for learning new
material of any type.
There seem to be several factors, of course awareness and wanting
to change, realizing there is a problem. Have you ever seen a
smoker who is unaware that there is a problem> This week I
talked to many professional hypnotists who are broke but they did
not really think making more was in their realm of control.
So Desire to change with the awareness is key.
Openness to new ideas is a missing factor. We get stuck in our
current mindset, where and when we were trained. I will always do
what I always did, this is especially true if it worked in the
past! This is why you see many people who experience success then
something happens and they never come fully back. They are stuck in
an old matrix, so to speak!
One of my students, Cris Johnson, who I am doing a Mentalism
Training with that you can get, yes we will teach you how to incorporate
magic and mentalism into ANY presentation, more on that later, was
talking to several hypnotists who were interested in increasing
their business, he is a good guy to talk to, as he has TRIPLED his
income in the last nine months and is on target to get his hypnosis
business to equal his magic business (he is a six figure working
magician) Many of those he talked to KNEW they needed to shift but
were unable to accept new ideas or feedback.
So Knowing the need to change is first level.
Desire To change is second.
Information, techniques, guidance and mentoring are key.
BUT it is all worthless without the openness to change and
incorporate the new stuff.
If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you
always got.
The students I see excel in this material are those that do this.
More later
Gods Speed
Will Horton, Psy.D. CAC