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The Ultimate Fat Loss Program - Loss Yout Fat | Dr Will


Program That Fits Your Life Goals!

Society Still Judges You By The Way You Look!

Dr. Will Horton Explain Why?

It’s like the fear of judgment from society sets in and keeps us locked in our heads worrying about what people think of us. But the reality is far different….

This time, it's going to be totally different!

Because there’s a turning point in life when you get frustrated… it’s when you relate to one of the following:

You’ve tried multiple fat loss programs and diets, and never got the desired result

The “magical transformation”, “do nothing and lose weight” story never happens to you.

The weight loss and fitness “gurus” offer strategies that don’t fit your lifestyle (no wonder)

Even when you lose some weight, it comes back, because the basic problem of weight gain remains

You’ve tried multiple fat loss programs and diets, and never got the desired result
The “magical transformation”, “do nothing and lose weight” story never happens to you.
The hardest part is that as time goes by, you get used to it. You put up with the failure

Your friends and family get used to your promises and resolutions and stop taking them seriously.


The way you treat your body sends out signals on your general attitude toward life, doing business and achieving goals.

What are the most common reasons for weight problems?
In other words, by being or staying fat, you send out signals to the outside world that you are SICK – physically or emotionally. Moreover, you’re not able to handle this problem. And what kind of emotion does the sick person cause? That’s right – PITY AND COMPASSION.

Is that the emotion we have for successful people? Definitely not!

This time, it's going to be totally different!

What is the ULTIMATE FAT LOSS Program all about?

It’s about BUILDING YOUR AUTHORITY AND CREDIBILITY by turning you into a new, better version of yourself!
As an ULTIMATE FAT LOSS member, you’ll have access to a 12-week, TOTAL TRANSFORMATION Program that will help you achieve AND maintain your weight goal, get in shape, change your attitude in life, look and feel better, and AMAZE EVERYONE in 2020!

The ULTIMATE FAT LOSS Program Details

In this 12-module course you’ll learn everything you need to know about getting rid of the initial weight problem, getting a new body, and a new life to enjoy!

Module 1

Happiness or Pleasure. Why we are FAT!
Why we are stuck, & whats going on?
Learn how the food industry manipulates?
User your genetic in a new way
Look behind the curtain
Develop your new idea!

Module 2

New Beliefs & Ritual That WIll Change Your Forever!
How to break inflexible Thinking
Eating behavior and beliefs
Psychology of possibilities
How to rest your thinking in 10 mins

Module 3

A New Thin You!
Develop a new you
Stop thinking and start doing
Be accountable
Make it fun

Module 4

Weight Loss Warrior: Your Story
Become the shining Examples
How to become a weight loss warrior?
Fun and Focus
New Basics
Onward to new life

Module 5

Humans Needs and Your TRIGGERS
What are your human needs?
What drives you
Why your needs drive your triggers
Take control of your needs and trigger

Module 6

Stop that Stubborn Block
You think you know-but you have no idea
Your blocks are not what they seem
Thats why you still have them
How to define and destroy that block forever

Module 7

Primiary Question
Your "default" question for every thing you do.
How to take charge of your inner driver

Module 8

Commands Or Why Affirmations Fail
Learn why affirmation fail
A trick to fool your rejection of command
How to turn affirmation into command

Module 9

Triad, Physical, Mental Loop
Why your state is controlled by your body
How to trick yourself into confidence
Rest your triad

Module 10

Daily Choices
3 choices you make every day, subconsciously
How to define, mange and rest the 3 choices

Module 11

Magic Manifesting
How to use a long hidden mental trick for success
Drive yourself to new success in every area

Module 12

Wrap up and onward

What people say?

Of all the NLP programs I have been exposed to, Dr. Will Horton’s course teaches the best information in the most effective way I have ever experienced. It’s a true hands-on training, where you can use what you learn in your daily life today. All this, plus taught in a fun, easy-to-understand way
Tom Eldridge, Jr., EdM
NLP, as taught by Dr. Will Horton, has expanded my talents as a social worker and helped in other areas of my life as well. It was one of the most impacting courses I have ever taken. Take it if you want to enrich every area of your life!
Elana Schondorf, MSW Licensed Social Worker


Most frequent questions and answers
The program helps you to access those parts of your mind that have blocked your success. And since each person has his specific problem – I made sure the program covers all the information needed for your individual work. Instead of focusing on food, which only causes miser, we focus on helping you change from the inside out.
The program is self paced so you can do a module a week, or as we suggest 2 modules a week. The important part is to watch the bonus videos that gives tips on using your brain for a change. We also suggest listen to at least 1 hypnosis audio a day. Many people listen to these ongoing as it helps relax and recharge you.
The Ultimate Fat Loss Program has no special requirements like packaged meals or supplements, as they do not work. We focus on WHY you eat and when that shifts, MAGIC happens!
We do not upsell you into another program. A few people reach out to Dr. Horton for private sessions, but that is not required.
There is only ONE RULE to follow – is to be true to yourself. Use the material to design a life of your dream and put over eating in the near view mirror.
There is no failure, only feedback. We have had a few people that started the program and decided to take a break, or experience set backs. We suggest to take a pause and then jump back in.



Plus, every week – an access to group LIVE webinar, where you will be able to ask questions and receive most UPDATED information.